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the proposal


we can be one of those weird couples that even the supposedly most romantic moments tend to happen in the most ridiculous timing.

ross proposed around 3am.  i think.  i couldn’t really tell for sure because my mind was in a daze from having woken up to finish our laundry.  yes, we had to finish the laundry at 3am.  mind you, he volunteered to finish the laundry himself after i told him that i wanted to sleep already.  when i woke up, i saw him sleeping beside me, cuddled up in his bolster.

so i woke him up.  no, i’m not a cold-hearted girlfriend who would wake his boyfriend up just to hang washed clothes.  it’s just that the bamboo poles to which we hang our clothes for drying are too heavy for me, especially at 3 in the morning.  so there.  anyway, i woke him up but went ahead outside.

after maybe 5 or 10 minutes, he went out and helped me with the laundry.  after finishing the laundry, he pushed me to go back inside our room.  and that’s when i saw the drama.  music was playing from our tv along with a slideshow of our pictures.  and candles were everywhere in the room.  and flower petals were all over our made bed.  the first thought i had was, “too many candles, not safe.  fire.”  yes, i’m weird like that.  i asked him what it was all about, but he only moved me to dance.  it was also our fourth anniversary so i thought it was because of that.  it wasn’t the first time that ross had made such tremendous effort to celebrate our anniversary, so i didn’t think of anything else.

he asked me to sit on the bed, and then he started making a speech.  i was starting to feel nervous then.  i had a gut feel that he was about to propose.  then, i couldn’t remember if i blinked or i looked away for 0.5 seconds, but when i looked at him again, the ring was right in front of me.  and then he asked.  i couldn’t answer right away.  of course, i wanted to say yes but i couldn’t open my mouth.  that was the first time i literally had mixed emotions.  happy. scared. surprised. and maybe everything else in between.  i had so many thoughts in my head at that time.  i was even thinking of what the ring would look like.  and if i would like it.  and how would i tell him if i didn’t.  the weirdo that i was even had the idea of not answering at all and just letting him speak.  but, the weirdo that i am spoke and said “seryoso ka?

i don’t know what happened afterwards.  i couldn’t remember if i spoke or if he did.  all i remember was he asked me again and i nodded.

yes, we’re (actually, more of i am) not the traditional romantics, and i could be the crappiest girlfriend-being-proposed-to.  but what the heck.  i would re-live that moment over and over.


please save us from bad people


bosing, please save us from bad people.  from people who want to hurt and take advantage of us.  i’m leaving everything up to you.  enlighten us, and teach us the right path.  guide us so we can make the right decisions.  i know you wouldn’t hand us these problems if you don’t believe that we can surpass them.  i know we can.  you know we can.  

our situation now is a bit too overwhelming for me.  but i don’t want to lose faith.  i cannot.  you’re the only one we can turn to, and i know you’re the only one who can help us.  just please please guide us.  i know you won’t forsake us.  i believe in you.  


Kimmi Junior Lily


i have a small kimmi junior lily figurine at my workstation.  ross gave it to me last christmas.  he said i look like her.  no, i’m not japanese.  maybe it’s the shape of the eyes and the chubby cheeks.  🙂 

i remember when i first saw these kimmi dolls and kimmi junior dolls, i couldn’t take my eyes off them.  they’re so cute.  precious thots were selling a gazillion merchandise items about them, which i couldn’t buy.  and wouldn’t buy.  because they were so expensive.  imagine a small keychain costs more than $10.  but what girl in her right mind can resist these?

Photo from

sigh.  i would have wanted to collect them all, or maybe just all the lily stuff.  but i’m not sure if they’re still making stuff for her.  oh well, i’m just glad i have one 🙂

the cuteness that is danbo


danbo was playing in our room last night.

here she was hanging out by the tv…

then, she wanted to taste my tea…

then, she saw my angry birds…
and insisted on playing with them…
but i think the birds didn’t want to play with her because it was sleeping time…
poor danbo.  she was so sad that she wanted to jump from the cabinet drawers…
okay, enough.  ang morbid na 🙂

pork nilaga


last night’s dinner was pork nilaga.  it should have been sunday’s dinner, but sunday was too exhausting.  imagine, we braved the pouring rain (there’s no storm in singapore) to get to church.  and then we went to xin wang hong kong cafe in anchorpoint for lunch, and then to my favorite wasteland, ikea, to buy some stuff for our new place.  and then dropped off everything back to redhill.  and then headed to cineleisure to watch x-men: first class.  so, obviously, no cooking for me.

anyway, the pork nilaga turned out to be very very good.  i didn’t even have to use patis anymore!


  • spareribs and a few chunks of pork belly (depends on how much meat you want)
  • 1/2 onion, sliced into small pieces (i used white onion)
  • 7-8 pieces of string beans, cut into smaller pieces
  • pechay, chop off the end part, but retain a few inches of the white stem part (i sliced my pechay because i don’t know why the pechay leaves here in singapore are bigger than my palm)
  • 5-6 pieces of potatoes, cut into halves
  • salt
  • lots and lots of peppercorn or crushed pepper
  • knorr pork cube (optional)

before doing anything else, boil the spareribs and pork belly for maybe about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  season it with salt and peppercorn.

while the pork is boiling, prepare the veggies.

when you think the pork is tender enough, add the potatoes.  let it boil until the potatoes are softer too.

when the potatoes are somewhat mash-able already, add the knorr pork cube.  then the string beans.

then when the meat is really tender, and the potatoes can be easily poked with a fork, add the pechay.  then, simmer for a minute or two.  done!

i should really get a camera!