i have a love-hate relationship with blogger.


when i started blogging in 2000 (or was it 2001?), i loved it.  imagine, your so-called diary is online.  i got to “meet” people i shared common things with.  and i learned a lot too.  not just plain-life stuff, but techie stuff.  i started tinkering with html codes and realized that it was fun.  i actually even tried creating my blog design from scratch.

but after a few months…i think that was when i started working already, i grew tired of blogging.  maybe it was because i was too tired already.  or maybe it was because i talked to customers over the phone for 8 hours (sometimes more) that i couldn’t construct a sentence in my head that i could put into writing.  i thought when i switched jobs and moved on to my real field, which is writing, i would be able to blog again.  and i did.  but after a few nonsense posts, i stopped blogging again.  at that time, i felt like i needed to be a better writer as i was working as a writer then too.  but a korean-setting of an office with control freak supervisors were too much for me.  during that time, i realized i was a crappy, and i say crappy, writer.  that and office-delicate situations made me decide to abandon blogging and delete my blog altogether.

after four years, i found another job, which i thought was promising but turned out to be a hellhole.  i spent the longest seven months of my life there.  boring was an understatement.  there were several weeks when all i would do was surf carelessly all day.  good thing, freelance editing jobs were abundant then.  at least something kept me really busy while pretending to be busy.  oh, and i also started blogging again.  a few posts here and there just to pass the time.  or when i just wanted to rant something.  and then, ross and i moved here…in singapore.

we spent several months job hunting, so definitely no blogging at that time.  then, i found a job through din.  at first, i was trying to be busy…you know, try to keep up with my new job, learn how things are done, etc.  but when i got the hang of it, i started to miss something.  since there were times when there was no work to be done, i started reading blogs again.  then i started to read them regularly.  then, i started to miss blogging.  so, here i am.

surprisingly, it still feels good.  to just write away and post whatever i want.  post the thing i don’t want to forget or things that i truly want to forget but want to lash out for the meantime.  it doesn’t matter if there are people reading this, or if there’s none.  but writing…blogging…makes me feel like as if somebody is listening to my nonsense talk.  so, yeah, i’m happy. 🙂


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