pork nilaga


last night’s dinner was pork nilaga.  it should have been sunday’s dinner, but sunday was too exhausting.  imagine, we braved the pouring rain (there’s no storm in singapore) to get to church.  and then we went to xin wang hong kong cafe in anchorpoint for lunch, and then to my favorite wasteland, ikea, to buy some stuff for our new place.  and then dropped off everything back to redhill.  and then headed to cineleisure to watch x-men: first class.  so, obviously, no cooking for me.

anyway, the pork nilaga turned out to be very very good.  i didn’t even have to use patis anymore!


  • spareribs and a few chunks of pork belly (depends on how much meat you want)
  • 1/2 onion, sliced into small pieces (i used white onion)
  • 7-8 pieces of string beans, cut into smaller pieces
  • pechay, chop off the end part, but retain a few inches of the white stem part (i sliced my pechay because i don’t know why the pechay leaves here in singapore are bigger than my palm)
  • 5-6 pieces of potatoes, cut into halves
  • salt
  • lots and lots of peppercorn or crushed pepper
  • knorr pork cube (optional)

before doing anything else, boil the spareribs and pork belly for maybe about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  season it with salt and peppercorn.

while the pork is boiling, prepare the veggies.

when you think the pork is tender enough, add the potatoes.  let it boil until the potatoes are softer too.

when the potatoes are somewhat mash-able already, add the knorr pork cube.  then the string beans.

then when the meat is really tender, and the potatoes can be easily poked with a fork, add the pechay.  then, simmer for a minute or two.  done!

i should really get a camera!

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