Kimmi Junior Lily


i have a small kimmi junior lily figurine at my workstation.  ross gave it to me last christmas.  he said i look like her.  no, i’m not japanese.  maybe it’s the shape of the eyes and the chubby cheeks.  🙂 

i remember when i first saw these kimmi dolls and kimmi junior dolls, i couldn’t take my eyes off them.  they’re so cute.  precious thots were selling a gazillion merchandise items about them, which i couldn’t buy.  and wouldn’t buy.  because they were so expensive.  imagine a small keychain costs more than $10.  but what girl in her right mind can resist these?

Photo from

sigh.  i would have wanted to collect them all, or maybe just all the lily stuff.  but i’m not sure if they’re still making stuff for her.  oh well, i’m just glad i have one 🙂


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