a rather late review of sucker punch: a misunderstood movie


i admit i’m one of those who rely heavily on reviews before pursuing something — be it a movie, a book, a hotel or even a travel agency.  but in my opinion, a lot of people are wrong when they (mis)judged the movie Sucker Punch to be a plotless movie not worthy of a single cent.

from IMDB

yes, this is the Sucker Punch movie that featured four teenagers (is Abbie Cornish still considered a teenager?) locked in a mental asylum and used fantasies as their means to escape.  i just got to watch it a couple of days ago; thanks to the power of the internet.  the movie was not well-made, but i liked it.  at least the story underneath all the dancing, gun-toting-and-poking and kickboxing exhibitions.  yes, there was a story.  and i don’t think it’s just pretending to have a story.  maybe some of its viewers just didn’t understand it completely.  or were initally disappointed of the bad acting.  or both.  probably both 🙂

anyway, i’m not a critic, and taking up one module of film criticism doesn’t make me one.  but here’s what i liked about it:

– it included the element of religion when baby girl’s abusive uncle as a priest. 
it’s as simple as that.  no lectures or sermons or over-rated representation of religious leaders.  sometimes it’s better that way.

– the idea of a mental asylum being likened to a whorehouse, and vice-versa. 
in most movies that i’ve seen it’s either a prison or a convent.  so yeah, it’s refreshing to see the similarities and differences of the grims of an asylum to the burlesque lifestyle in a club.

– baby girl’s dancing (no, she couldn’t dance even to save her life, probably the reason why they focus on the way she closes her eyes as she starts fantasizing) as a way to hypnotize men. 
dancing.  and not beauty or sex. 

– baby girl’s fantasies while she is being abused are completely different and far-fetched. 
i remember the british tv series, coupling.  in one of the episodes, when sally was accompanying susan to an antenatal session, she went to her “happy place” (complete with strings and quartet) when the discussion suddenly went to the mechanics of childbirth.
so you see, you don’t have to literally show that women are being abused (honestly, it makes some movies look cheap and trying hard).  you don’t have to show how they struggle and look lethargic afterwards.  happy place is not in sitting in the shower, soaking yourself.  i like it that zack snyder has presented women empowerment in a kick-ass way.  it’s a different happy place.

now, what i didn’t like about the movie:
– horrible acting
– the transitions were not that clear and smooth
– zack snyder could have picked a different baby girl and blondie and… actually, a different cast.  although madam gorski and blue are great actors.


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