body shop essentials


i’ve been a convert ever since i came here to singapore.

i never bought a single body shop product for myself when i was still in pinas simply because it was too expensive.  i bought body shop products as a gift, like when i really couldn’t think of anything else to give…it’s sort of like a default gift especially for women.

anyway, i started using body shop products a few months after i started working here.  i had a break-out then, and i wanted something to dab on my face to dry up my pimples.  fast.  i remembered their tea tree line, and that i read somewhere that the body shop tea tree oil is a miracle for pimple- and acne-prone skin.  and it really works.  actually, not just for pimples.  i also bought the clearing lotion and the blemish fade night lotion.

Tea Tree Blemis Fade Night Lotion
Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion

i love these two.  they help dry my pimples fast, and they also remove the discoloration my pimples cause on my skin.  over time, of course.  but still, there’s a big difference in my skin now with the help of body shop’s tea tree line.

i also tried the other tea tree products, like the toner and facial wash.  but i think they work just the same as the other cheaper toners and facial washes.  nothing special about them.

another body shop product that i really like is their peppermint foot lotion.

Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion

this one is a treat.  i use this almost every night before i go to sleep, especially when i’ve been walking the whole day or my feet just feels really tired and sore.  i love the peppermint smell and cool feeling it gives to my feet.  but what i adore about this product is its effect the morning after.  my feet feels super soft, like i’ve-just-finished-taking-a-shower soft.  actually, softer than that 🙂  the only thing about this is it has a somewhat sticky feel when you apply it to your feet, but i don’t mind that because i just love how soft my feet feels afterwards.

a couple of months ago, i bought almond-oil hand rescue treatment.  and it’s really good.  ever since i used this lotion, my fingers and nails do not dry up anymore.  and it’s not greasy, so no worries about being too sticky.

Almond Oil Hand Rescue Treatment

i can say that this one really works.  i always have dry skin near my nail beds and cuticles.  and i always have this urge to slowly peel them off or remove them immediately.  that’s probably why i always have…i don’t know what to call them…wounds? on my nails?  anyway, ever since i used this lotion, i never had that problem anymore.

now, my new find.

Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick

i just bought this yesterday because i ran out of my vitamin e lip balm.  and i cannot not have a lip balm because, again, my lips are always dry.  yup, the weather here in singapore is worse than manila.  anyway, i love it’s milk chocolate smell and flavor.  i also love that it doesn’t feel as greasy as the vitamin e lip balm.  but, i’ve yet to see how effective this is.


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