wedding binder


I finally started making our wedding binder. At first, i was thinking if expandable envelop nalang, but that would still be too messy and tedious to sort through piles of papers, receipts and pictures and what nots. So clear folder nalang, pero naman, walang dating. I couldn’t buy naman the already-made wedding binders kasi super mahal and isip ko, icu-customize ko pa din naman so sayang lang. And then we thought a big notebook nalang, then we’ll just cover it and make it personalized. But it’s too much work, plus buying the materials alone would already cost a lot. So clear book nalang. Nah. No personality at all, and mukhang nalugi. Then, we went to the popular branch in bras basah. Ay, ring binder nalang! Similar to what i saw online and then ayusin ko nalang yung loob. So voila!
I wasn’t able to design? Customize? Work on it until we were able to buy a printer in the last IT show. I could print in the office, pero black lang, saka i had to be discreet. So i’m happy we bought a printer.

I still have a lot to do with the binder, wala pa lang ako masyado malagay kasi i’ve yet to print the other stuff i got from the internet. Plus, i want to print my pegs. Haha. Buti nalang i discovered art friend. And buti nalang there’s a big branch at buona vista mrt. Imagine, i can go there everyday after office. I love love live their cardboard-like papers with vintage designs, kaya lang at $1.20 a piece, it’s just too expensive. Especially when i want to buy all of them. Haha. So the scrooge that i am, bumili nalang ako ng construction papers and colored oslo paper-like papers and a sharpee that has a similar color as our motif. Ang saya! I love that store.

So far i like what our binder looks like. It has the country/rustic feel that’s the same as our theme. Or ako lang nakakausip nun. And, it’s not girly. Yay! I’m getting more excited about the preps!

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