Extending the Holidays….


Ross surprised me last night by giving me my birthday/christmas gift.  Best birthday/christmas gift ever 🙂

I was actually in “accounting” mode last night for our wedding funds, when he asked me to get one of the angry birds stuffed toy.  The toys were all stuffed under our pillows that when I lifted one pillow, I saw this…

I really thought it had chocolates.  I was thinking of whether I mentioned some type of chocolate that I really wanted from that store, but I couldn’t think of any.

I removed the staples one by one and saw a box inside.  I was about to say, “ay sana Kindle nalang…” when I took the box out and saw this…

Oh my God.  I instantly knew what it was.  And the first thing that ran into my mind was “How the hell did he order it?”

This is my new toy…



I’ve been wanting to buy a Kindle for a very long time now.  I miss reading.  But the prices of the books here in Singapore are just crazy expensive.  I couldn’t bring my books here because…where the hell would I place them?  I don’t even want to think about paying hundreds of dollars for a box or excess baggage.  It’s just not practical.

So I resorted to ebooks.  But it’s really a pain for me reading from a computer.  I tried using my iphone, and although it was okay at first (with all the swiping gestures as if I’m really holding a real book), the small screen was just difficult and painful to the eyes after a while. Then I remembered there was Kindle.  I started looking into it and instantly loved the ink look as if it’s a real paper.  Sadly, it can only be bought through Amazon using a US credit card.  I was thinking of asking my titas to buy one for me, but how would I get it from them?  Then Din told me that Qisahn was selling Kindles.  I checked their website, but their Kindles were $40-$50 more than the actual price from Amazon.

Anyway, I didn’t know that Ross has already ordered one.  How?  I don’t know.  I kept asking him how he ordered it, who ordered it, but he wouldn’t say a word.  Haha!  Thank you, bebe!!!

Kindle is love.  Unlike an ipad which I have to hold with both hands for me to read, I can easily hold this in one.  And I really really love the ink technology that they used.  It makes the texts very clear even if there’s not much light around.  OMG.  Kindle is love. Haha!!


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