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ebooks are love


I miss selling books. I miss reading books. I miss buying books and collecting them. I miss booksale! I miss rummaging through their disorganized shelves and tables looking for good finds. By good finds I mean books worthy of reading, may or may not be a rare, in good condition, and come in surprisingly cheap cheap prices.

I hardly enter a bookstore here in Singapore. Even Kinokuniya, which every person loves because of the variety of books that it carries. Simply because the books here are freakingly expensive. Yes they have stores that offer books for rent or sale, and i tried it out for a few times, but they’re still expensive. $14 at least! Plus, every time I try going through bookstores here I always remember booksale or national or even the costly powerbooks and fully booked. It’s like I always feel that I can get the book that I want for a cheaper price in pinas. Oh well…

So, since books here are so expensive, it’s time for me to go digital. I appreciate my iPhone now even more because it serves as my ebook reader. I still want a Kindle though. Soon, maybe.

I’ve been collecting ebooks, and it’s just amazing that I’m able to get copies of books that I can’t find in bookstores anymore.

I still have a lot more saved in my laptop, and i figured this is the most space-saving, and even economical, way to read and collect books. I mean, all I need is an internet connection and my researching skills…I can have a digital copy of whatever book I want.

The copies that I get are in epub format because I like their book-like, turn-the-page function. Plus, pdfs are really difficult to read.

It would have been better to read ebooks in iPad, but I don’t like an iPad because it’s too big. Kindle! Kindle! Kindle!

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Awesome Note


this is one of those days when i’m pretending to be an organized person.  as in organizer and calendar and post-its and all that.  but who can resist this cuteness?

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diba, diba?  ang cute lang 🙂

initially, i only wanted an app that has a post-it function so i can keep track of the things i need to do.  organizers are not really my thing because sometimes i even forget to write down the things that i need to do.  i usually just “keep them in my head.”  it works though.  i remember them.  but the minor details, i tend to forget and mix them up with other details.  plus, notes like phone numbers or addresses or directions or gorcery lists or other things that i only need for a certain time…i need post-its for that.

but when i saw the anote app.  waw!!!  ang cute nya e.  i tried the lite version first (free), but then i could only keep a certain number of details.  so the low EQ that is me downloaded the full version ($3.99, about more or less 4 or 5SGD, i think).  and it’s so cute.  i love the interface.  i love the background themes.  the fonts (although this one is quite limited).  i love all of its functions.  and i love that i can customize each note and post.  oh, and that i can attach images and map images.  it also allows me to sync it with google docs.  now, i just need to figure out how i can sync it with my blog.