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it’s not true that you always have a choice.


sometimes, all you can do is accept.

especially when your loved one is on a possible life-or-death condition.  it just comes into you.  it may not sink in just yet, but it will come.  eventually.  and sometimes, your instinct would be to just hold his hand and tell him everything’s going to be okay.  and you know in your heart that you’re not lying.  because everything will be okay.

it may be heavy on the pocket, with all the monthly check-ups and medicines.  but you won’t even care about that anymore.  all you want to do is make him feel better and convince him that he will be better.  so, to hell with the expenses and the hospital bills and the medicines.

it’s syoti.  and he’s all that matters.


my lolo was a war hero, but not a superhero


i have to remember that.

even though i knew that his time would come (i mean, come on, aneurysm is not something you can easily survive from), deep inside me i was still thinking that he wasn’t going to die.  that by some miracle, he was going to survive and live and see me through my wedding day.  but no.  he was not some superman.  he wasn’t the man of steel.  the pain and all the complications got the better of him and his body.  i guess he was thinking that it was about time that he should rest.

it’s better that way, though.  at least he doesn’t feel any pain anymore.