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yoga, anyone?


dindin and i signed up for a company-sponsored yoga class.  for $36, you’ll get to attend 12 hatha yoga sessions.  so far, i had my first class yesterday.

i didn’t really know what to expect.  although jerry sent me a copy of the different postures, i never got the time to practice them.  yeah i know, excuses…

so before the class, i was thinking whether i could actually do the postures or not.  suprisingly, i was able to.  haha.  not on the first try though.  there was one posture wherein we were kneeling and we had to bend our bodies backwards until our hands reached our feet like this…

Camel Pose

and then another one wherein we were in a table position and then stretched out one of our legs and arms.  we had to balance our body weight he said.  oh men, this was difficult as i have no coordination at all.  was able to do it the second time though.  it looked like this, but we were kneeling and only one arm was raised.

One-legged Pose

then, we did the plow position. oh my god.  the first time i saw this was in a yahoo gallery of matthew mcconaughey on the beach.

Photo from here

this. was. difficult.

but it surprisingly felt good afterwards.  actually, the whole session was great.  although i woke up with a somewhat stiff leg muscle, it actually felt good to know that my body parts are on the works again. especially for someone like me who doesn’t have a single athletic bone in my body. aka no exercise except when i’m cleaning and shopping.

i’m actually looking forward to next week’s session.