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Anote part2


This is what my anote app looks like…

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Awesome Note


this is one of those days when i’m pretending to be an organized person.  as in organizer and calendar and post-its and all that.  but who can resist this cuteness?

all photos from bridworks.com

diba, diba?  ang cute lang 🙂

initially, i only wanted an app that has a post-it function so i can keep track of the things i need to do.  organizers are not really my thing because sometimes i even forget to write down the things that i need to do.  i usually just “keep them in my head.”  it works though.  i remember them.  but the minor details, i tend to forget and mix them up with other details.  plus, notes like phone numbers or addresses or directions or gorcery lists or other things that i only need for a certain time…i need post-its for that.

but when i saw the anote app.  waw!!!  ang cute nya e.  i tried the lite version first (free), but then i could only keep a certain number of details.  so the low EQ that is me downloaded the full version ($3.99, about more or less 4 or 5SGD, i think).  and it’s so cute.  i love the interface.  i love the background themes.  the fonts (although this one is quite limited).  i love all of its functions.  and i love that i can customize each note and post.  oh, and that i can attach images and map images.  it also allows me to sync it with google docs.  now, i just need to figure out how i can sync it with my blog.