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Extending the Holidays….


Ross surprised me last night by giving me my birthday/christmas gift.  Best birthday/christmas gift ever 🙂

I was actually in “accounting” mode last night for our wedding funds, when he asked me to get one of the angry birds stuffed toy.  The toys were all stuffed under our pillows that when I lifted one pillow, I saw this…

I really thought it had chocolates.  I was thinking of whether I mentioned some type of chocolate that I really wanted from that store, but I couldn’t think of any.

I removed the staples one by one and saw a box inside.  I was about to say, “ay sana Kindle nalang…” when I took the box out and saw this…

Oh my God.  I instantly knew what it was.  And the first thing that ran into my mind was “How the hell did he order it?”

This is my new toy…



I’ve been wanting to buy a Kindle for a very long time now.  I miss reading.  But the prices of the books here in Singapore are just crazy expensive.  I couldn’t bring my books here because…where the hell would I place them?  I don’t even want to think about paying hundreds of dollars for a box or excess baggage.  It’s just not practical.

So I resorted to ebooks.  But it’s really a pain for me reading from a computer.  I tried using my iphone, and although it was okay at first (with all the swiping gestures as if I’m really holding a real book), the small screen was just difficult and painful to the eyes after a while. Then I remembered there was Kindle.  I started looking into it and instantly loved the ink look as if it’s a real paper.  Sadly, it can only be bought through Amazon using a US credit card.  I was thinking of asking my titas to buy one for me, but how would I get it from them?  Then Din told me that Qisahn was selling Kindles.  I checked their website, but their Kindles were $40-$50 more than the actual price from Amazon.

Anyway, I didn’t know that Ross has already ordered one.  How?  I don’t know.  I kept asking him how he ordered it, who ordered it, but he wouldn’t say a word.  Haha!  Thank you, bebe!!!

Kindle is love.  Unlike an ipad which I have to hold with both hands for me to read, I can easily hold this in one.  And I really really love the ink technology that they used.  It makes the texts very clear even if there’s not much light around.  OMG.  Kindle is love. Haha!!


Our last hurrah for 2011…or not?

Olympus Pen EP3

Ross has been bugging me for the longest time about buying a camera.  I want to buy too, but I don’t want to shell out a lot of moolah especially now that we’re saving for the wedding.

We initially wanted the EP2, but when we got the time to check out the stores and canvass for prices, all they had was the EPL2 (the one with the flash).  I didn’t like the material as it felt like I was holding plastic.  So we ditched that.

Now, there’s EP3.  I read good reviews about this, so I also toyed with the idea of getting one.   But I was still deterred by having to shell out a lot of money when we could just buy a simple, yet of DSLR-like quality digicam.

Then last December 31, I said okay.  Just to finish this, let’s go to Funan to buy a camera.  I was hoping to be wrong about the camera, that it wasn’t as good as others and Ross claim it to be.  Oh, but it was.  I’m not a photography enthusiast, and I know zilch about cameras except for a few things that I hear from Kim….but this one is good.  Really good.  I tested it out and the pictures were really clear and sharp.  Like a DSLR, you can manually adjust the aperture and ISO and other thingies, thus giving you a wide variety of options for your photos.  Its Art and Scene features allow you to make artistic shots.  You can also edit your photos on the camera itself (although I haven’t tested this feature yet).  Aside from the impressive photo quality, you can also change the lens.  I saw on their brochure that it has a fish eye, a wide angle and another zoom lens.  But we only got the kit lens for now because the cost of a new lens is the same as the camera itself.

As early as now, I have to say that it’s a really good buy.  We got freebies too:  a memory card, a hard case, a voucher and a skin for the camera.  We bought a filter for the lens and the uncle at funan gave us the screen protector for fee.  We just need a spare battery because its battery life is only less than a day and cleaning tools.

At least now, we can roam around the city and take pictures haha.  Di na kami mukhang kawawa 🙂


We tested this camera out during the new year fireworks along Marina Bay.  The camera didn’t disappoint, except that the battery ran out halfway through the fireworks.  The fireworks, while it was beautiful, was, sadly, a disappointment.  It’s just not the same as Pinas’.  It felt like they had the fireworks just for the sake of having one.  Oh well.

Mr. Bean’s Watermelon Soya


Two of my favorite things: pakwan and taho.

Well, just the bean curd taste actually. Because of the soya? Am not sure. I don’t know how they do it actually, but it’s really tasty. The watermelon doesn’t overpower the taho taste, and the taho taste doesn’t overpower the pakwan.

The pearls make it even more interesting to drink. Mr. Bean’s pearls are like Koi’s pearls. The size and softness are just right.

Oh yeah, this is a new favorite.

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ebooks are love


I miss selling books. I miss reading books. I miss buying books and collecting them. I miss booksale! I miss rummaging through their disorganized shelves and tables looking for good finds. By good finds I mean books worthy of reading, may or may not be a rare, in good condition, and come in surprisingly cheap cheap prices.

I hardly enter a bookstore here in Singapore. Even Kinokuniya, which every person loves because of the variety of books that it carries. Simply because the books here are freakingly expensive. Yes they have stores that offer books for rent or sale, and i tried it out for a few times, but they’re still expensive. $14 at least! Plus, every time I try going through bookstores here I always remember booksale or national or even the costly powerbooks and fully booked. It’s like I always feel that I can get the book that I want for a cheaper price in pinas. Oh well…

So, since books here are so expensive, it’s time for me to go digital. I appreciate my iPhone now even more because it serves as my ebook reader. I still want a Kindle though. Soon, maybe.

I’ve been collecting ebooks, and it’s just amazing that I’m able to get copies of books that I can’t find in bookstores anymore.

I still have a lot more saved in my laptop, and i figured this is the most space-saving, and even economical, way to read and collect books. I mean, all I need is an internet connection and my researching skills…I can have a digital copy of whatever book I want.

The copies that I get are in epub format because I like their book-like, turn-the-page function. Plus, pdfs are really difficult to read.

It would have been better to read ebooks in iPad, but I don’t like an iPad because it’s too big. Kindle! Kindle! Kindle!

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body shop essentials


i’ve been a convert ever since i came here to singapore.

i never bought a single body shop product for myself when i was still in pinas simply because it was too expensive.  i bought body shop products as a gift, like when i really couldn’t think of anything else to give…it’s sort of like a default gift especially for women.

anyway, i started using body shop products a few months after i started working here.  i had a break-out then, and i wanted something to dab on my face to dry up my pimples.  fast.  i remembered their tea tree line, and that i read somewhere that the body shop tea tree oil is a miracle for pimple- and acne-prone skin.  and it really works.  actually, not just for pimples.  i also bought the clearing lotion and the blemish fade night lotion.

Tea Tree Blemis Fade Night Lotion
Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion

i love these two.  they help dry my pimples fast, and they also remove the discoloration my pimples cause on my skin.  over time, of course.  but still, there’s a big difference in my skin now with the help of body shop’s tea tree line.

i also tried the other tea tree products, like the toner and facial wash.  but i think they work just the same as the other cheaper toners and facial washes.  nothing special about them.

another body shop product that i really like is their peppermint foot lotion.

Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion

this one is a treat.  i use this almost every night before i go to sleep, especially when i’ve been walking the whole day or my feet just feels really tired and sore.  i love the peppermint smell and cool feeling it gives to my feet.  but what i adore about this product is its effect the morning after.  my feet feels super soft, like i’ve-just-finished-taking-a-shower soft.  actually, softer than that 🙂  the only thing about this is it has a somewhat sticky feel when you apply it to your feet, but i don’t mind that because i just love how soft my feet feels afterwards.

a couple of months ago, i bought almond-oil hand rescue treatment.  and it’s really good.  ever since i used this lotion, my fingers and nails do not dry up anymore.  and it’s not greasy, so no worries about being too sticky.

Almond Oil Hand Rescue Treatment

i can say that this one really works.  i always have dry skin near my nail beds and cuticles.  and i always have this urge to slowly peel them off or remove them immediately.  that’s probably why i always have…i don’t know what to call them…wounds? on my nails?  anyway, ever since i used this lotion, i never had that problem anymore.

now, my new find.

Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick

i just bought this yesterday because i ran out of my vitamin e lip balm.  and i cannot not have a lip balm because, again, my lips are always dry.  yup, the weather here in singapore is worse than manila.  anyway, i love it’s milk chocolate smell and flavor.  i also love that it doesn’t feel as greasy as the vitamin e lip balm.  but, i’ve yet to see how effective this is.

Awesome Note


this is one of those days when i’m pretending to be an organized person.  as in organizer and calendar and post-its and all that.  but who can resist this cuteness?

all photos from bridworks.com

diba, diba?  ang cute lang 🙂

initially, i only wanted an app that has a post-it function so i can keep track of the things i need to do.  organizers are not really my thing because sometimes i even forget to write down the things that i need to do.  i usually just “keep them in my head.”  it works though.  i remember them.  but the minor details, i tend to forget and mix them up with other details.  plus, notes like phone numbers or addresses or directions or gorcery lists or other things that i only need for a certain time…i need post-its for that.

but when i saw the anote app.  waw!!!  ang cute nya e.  i tried the lite version first (free), but then i could only keep a certain number of details.  so the low EQ that is me downloaded the full version ($3.99, about more or less 4 or 5SGD, i think).  and it’s so cute.  i love the interface.  i love the background themes.  the fonts (although this one is quite limited).  i love all of its functions.  and i love that i can customize each note and post.  oh, and that i can attach images and map images.  it also allows me to sync it with google docs.  now, i just need to figure out how i can sync it with my blog.