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wake-up call: stop reading wedding blogs!


What Happened With I Stopped Reading Wedding Blogs

Remember back when East Side Bride was my first wedding graduate ever? Her first piece of advice was this:
1. Don’t go overboard with the wedding blogs. I know‌. right? They will give you a complex.
At the time, I knew it was good advice, but I wasn’t quite ready to take it. I was still at the sucking-in-wedding-inspiration-with-a-straw point. In fact, I might have been mainlining wedding images into my veins. But whatever, it was TOTALLY HEALTHY, and I DID NOT HAVE A PROBLEM, thanks. I was reading wedding blogs, I was buying wedding magazines, I was under the impression that I needed to maintain some sort of physical wedding “binder,” whatever that was, and even though I was very unclear what I was supposed to be putting into it, I was carefully sticking in images and forms and the like. I was on the job.
But then, one day, something changed. I noticed that 9 out of every 10 wedding blogs/magazines were not making me feel excited about our wedding, they were making me feel tired and overloaded and like I wasn’t living up. Another white dress, another set of favors (and you know favors drive me over the edge), another set of bridesmaid dresses. So I decided, I was going to take East Side’s advice, as an experiment, and stop. I took every wedding blog that didn’t make me feel excited and engaged off my reader. Done.
At first, I didn’t notice anything much. I felt safe and comforted in my little wedding cocoon. I felt like we were all in this together, and everything was going to be just fine. I started feeling very secure in our choices. But I didn’t think much of it. So one day, I was sitting in front of the computer, a bit bored, and I decided to browse on over to some big-wedding-media.
And my eyes popped. You should have seen the astonished look on my face. After a few months of no contact with standard-issue-big-wedding images, the type of weddings you often see had gone from seeming aspirational – what we were all supposed to be living up to – to flat out bananas. Everything draped in pink? Lots and lots of things that inexplicably matched? Endless handmade details all woven together into a overarching theme? Chandlers in the TREES? Instead of seeming delightful and quirky and well thought out, all of this seemed totally out of hand.
Now, none of this is to say you shouldn’t read wedding blogs (achem). None of this is to say you should all have weddings just like mine, or just like each others, or that you can’t have chandeliers in the trees if you want to. BUT. BUT. I think it’s important for each of us to think about what wedding inspiration we’re consuming, and how it is making us feel about ourselves. I talk a lot about how we should find a way to not judge ourselves as we’re planning our weddings, and I really believe that. But I do think that the big-money, big-time, big-energy, One Perfect Day, Your Big Day, The Best Day Of Your Life, The Details Really Matter concept of a wedding that is taken as un-questioned gospel in large parts of the wedding world is damaging. I think it is actually emotionally warping, and is bad news for our sanity, our relationships, and our wallets. It takes our eyes off the prize, it makes us focus on parts of our wedding that really don’t matter (like the favors) instead of focusing on parts of our wedding that really do matter (like the ceremony, or spending time with our loved ones). I think it’s damaging because it makes brides think that they are less-than when they can’t live up to the $100K weddings they are being spoon-fed.
So. Take a moment to think about what wedding magazines you are reading, what wedding blogs you are reading, what images you are consuming. If they are making you feel good about yourself and your decisions, and giving you inspiration and energy, keep reading them! But if you find yourself thinking, “Those brides are out of my league” or “I’m never going to live up to that” or “I’m just not that chic” or “Oh my god, we’re so not doing this right” or “I really want this simple quick wedding, and I guess that’s impossible.” Then step back. Because you are amazing. And you’re going to do it your way, and that is so much better than doing it someone elses way.
And if that’s still not enough, East Side Bride just followed up with some tips for when wedding blogs are getting you down. Yeah. She’s a smart lady.
Now go spin around in your dress, boogie around your living room to your favorite song, kiss your partner, and pour yourself a drink. I think that’s the feeling you’re going for.
*Not all wedding blogs, obviously. Just wedding blogs that didn’t make me feel excited to be myself.


ross will definitely agree to this.  and i do to.  ever since i started reading wedding blogs and signed up for W@W, i’ve been slowly formulating in my head a wedding that i consciously know, while it would be fantastic and memorable and wonderful, is out-of-budget.

ross was right.  having no dream wedding at all opens my mind up to a whole lot of things, which then makes me want to have everything that i find cute and pretty and want-able.


i need to clear my head and go for the essentials.  only.  signing up with manila hotel as the venue for our wedding reception has already taken off a lot of our plate (i.e. bridal car, centerpieces [but i couldn’t let go this one – their centerpieces are a complete put off for me], accommodations, etc.). so i think we should only focus on the other important things now:  the gowns, suits, flowers (we might just have to stick with flowers for the entourage; and just get the loose flowers from the hotel), thank you gifts and invitations.  the save-the-dates, i’ve already commissioned (haha, commissioned daw!) kim to do that.  the invites, ross and i are going to make and print it.  i would love to have it letterpressed, but no can do.  lights and sounds, we’ll just stick to what the hotel provides as well.  we can do an upgrade, but only if the videos requires it to.  as for the cake, we’re really going for a cupcake tower.  we just need to find a very very affordable baker.  as for the other details, we can probably tweak/improve/overhaul them…but i cannot afford to be a bridezilla.  we still have airfare expenses to worry about.

from a practical wedding

red shoes parade

starting from the left side:  mine, ruthie’s and leidy’s

Mine. Ruthie’s. And Leidy’s red shoes for Kathy’s wedding.

Yes. Our dresses were midnight blue in color and we paired them with red shoes. Pasaway. Haha. But i loved it. Actually everybody loved it. Even the photogs. Yay!

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wedding binder


I finally started making our wedding binder. At first, i was thinking if expandable envelop nalang, but that would still be too messy and tedious to sort through piles of papers, receipts and pictures and what nots. So clear folder nalang, pero naman, walang dating. I couldn’t buy naman the already-made wedding binders kasi super mahal and isip ko, icu-customize ko pa din naman so sayang lang. And then we thought a big notebook nalang, then we’ll just cover it and make it personalized. But it’s too much work, plus buying the materials alone would already cost a lot. So clear book nalang. Nah. No personality at all, and mukhang nalugi. Then, we went to the popular branch in bras basah. Ay, ring binder nalang! Similar to what i saw online and then ayusin ko nalang yung loob. So voila!
I wasn’t able to design? Customize? Work on it until we were able to buy a printer in the last IT show. I could print in the office, pero black lang, saka i had to be discreet. So i’m happy we bought a printer.

I still have a lot to do with the binder, wala pa lang ako masyado malagay kasi i’ve yet to print the other stuff i got from the internet. Plus, i want to print my pegs. Haha. Buti nalang i discovered art friend. And buti nalang there’s a big branch at buona vista mrt. Imagine, i can go there everyday after office. I love love live their cardboard-like papers with vintage designs, kaya lang at $1.20 a piece, it’s just too expensive. Especially when i want to buy all of them. Haha. So the scrooge that i am, bumili nalang ako ng construction papers and colored oslo paper-like papers and a sharpee that has a similar color as our motif. Ang saya! I love that store.

So far i like what our binder looks like. It has the country/rustic feel that’s the same as our theme. Or ako lang nakakausip nun. And, it’s not girly. Yay! I’m getting more excited about the preps!

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My new addiction.

I signed up with them two months ago.  And when they sent me an invite, I realized I had to have a Facebook or Twitter account to be able to log in.  I think they have just started then and that was the only way to finish the signing up process and to log in.  But since I was in no way going to set up a Facebook account, I forgot about it.

Then, a few days ago when I had the urge to compile pegs for the wedding, I remembered Pinterest.  That’s when I finally decided.  Ha!  Buti nalang Ross has a Facebook account.  I asked him if I could sign up using his account, and he said yes!  Well, he didn’t really say yes.  More of like:

Me:  bebe facebook account mo yun ililink ko dun sa isang site ha.
Me:  bebe anong password mo?
Him:  complicated yung password ko eh.
Him:  nasa iphone mo. (he installed the facebook app in my phone, but it’s his account)
Me:  san? kasi nag-sign up ako dun sa pinterest para makagawa ng mood boards at kuha ng kung ano-anong pictures.  kelangan ilink sa facebook. nung niclick ko yun link pinapa-sign in ako.
Me:  kelangan ko ng password.
Him: (gives password)

And now, I’m addicted.  It’s a repository of all things cute and beautiful and dreamy and everything.

It’s like cat socrates and art friend and paper market and the paper craft stores in novena velocity mall.  hay…

wedding motif and stuff


thanks to chrissie of perfect palette, i finally found the pantone values of our wedding motif 🙂

antique gold
dusty aqua
persian green-ish/teal-ish

it’s difficult to look at colours, especially now that everybody seems to be able to think of new names for them.  ross and i have been looking for the pantone values/hex values of these colors for quite some time until it hit me to just email the blog owner herself and ask.  geez!  ang engot naman kasi di ko agad naisip yun.

i love our colors!  it’s country vintage-y without being too earthy and feminine.

also, i’m happy that we’ve finally booked our reception venue.  now, i can freely and confidently talk about the wedding because we already have a venue.  ang awkward kasi magkwento nang wala pang specifics.

Champagne Room at Manila Hotel

the place is just perfect.  although it doesn’t have the woods-y look that is typical of a rustic themed wedding, i love that it still has a laid back atmosphere with a lot of chicness.

the only problem we have with this place is the layout, but we have a year and a couple of months to plan that.

oh, and the church is this…

Paco Park Church.  Photo from here.

i love this church.  the first and only time i was able to see this church was during my cousin’s wedding years ago.

i love that it’s old and literally looks old, with all the lumot and everything.  but what i love most about it is that it’s small and airconditioned.  you know it’s going to be packed even though not all of your guests will actually be at the ceremony.  i don’t like seeing empty pews and spaces.

we’ve also booked our erron ocampo as our photographer and garry garza as the videographer.  but i’ve yet to meet them.  hopefully, next year.

i know i can lay low and stop worrying about the wedding for now.  but how can i when all of the other girls in W@W are on full throttle with their wedding preps?  and to think they are also getting married the same time as me.  some of them are even getting married the year after…yep, 2013!  and they’ve booked half of their suppliers already!  waahh!!!