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who’s the real pervert in Hard Candy?


I was looking for horror/suspense/thriller films to watch the other day and listed them down for downloading.   I came upon Hard Candy and included it in the list simply because of Ellen Page.

image from Wiki

OMG.  This is a very disturbing, yet interesting, movie.  Even more disturbing than Orphan.  Not recommended for those who have a fairy tale view of things.  Actually, not for men.  Ross felt weak while watching it.

A cat-and-mouse psychotic thriller as incisive as it is stylish, Hard Candy delivers a provocative take on the revenge drama while jangling nerves at every turn. The film plunges us into an unstable universe where we cannot readily identify the “good guy” in the tense confrontation between a 14-year-old girl and the 32-year-old man she suspects of pedophilia and murder.


Up to now, I don’t really know who the real bad guy/pervert is.  I think it’s both of them though.  Jeff, who would have had several chances of leaving, did not leave probably because he’s a sado-masochist.  And Hayley, although really disturbing, seems to find pleasure in torturing and manipulating Jeff.

I like the movie.  The dialogues are well-made, and the actors are great.  Especially Ellen Page.  She is so believable and, honestly, horrifying.  Imagine, meeting a 14-year old girl like that.  She’s smart and determined and well, scary.  She’s a psychopath to the next level.  I cannot imagine another actress being able to deliver like she did.

The only thing I don’t get in the movie is…how is she able to haul Jeff up to the chair, to the table and to the ceiling with a noose?